Annual Issue Coming Up!

Epiphany hopes to publish a selection of the best literary and visual works that were contributed this semester. We are also looking for fresh pieces that have not been submitted yet (but will be by you!) to publish as part of the collection as well:

  • We are accepting poetry, prose and plays of no longer than 5000 words
  • Photography, illustrations and any other form of visual art are welcome as well
    • To be submitted in a digital format of at least 300dpi
    • Should be accompanied with a title and an optional write-up of no more than 200 words
  • Open to current students (undergraduates and graduate students)
  • Students retain the rights to the works they submit, but are required that they do not submit them for any other publication until the project is complete

If you haven’t been published yet, send in your work to us by 10 May 2012 and you may just get the chance of being featured in our physical issue!

Do email us if you have any queries. Alternatively, drop us a message on the FB event’s page right over here.

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