Bleeding Empty Sugarsucker

By Valerie Champion

–                        I am bored of ghosting tip
Toe on sacrosanct health, skating down
A sighted shadow of a silver shadow. I cry, I sigh,
I lie.

–                        I will have to cut and snip
From acrid nebulous nest, housing
Doomed gorge. The cannibal, the animal,
The parable.

–                        I cannot repair syringed rip
Broke words leaking pools in stingy burned
Scandalous throat. You scoundrel, oh Rumpel,
The Constable.

–                        I kindle in liquid dip
Shades of grey. Never black and white, both,
in / be / tween. Symphonic fluid, psychedelic lurid,
Mosaic candid.

–                        I drown cotton candy trip,
Swimming saccharine maze. Shake the disease
After it preys. Indulgent infection, sweet seduction,
Maligned manipulation.

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