Editor’s Note

Fancy you stumbling in here! How did you get past my death traps? The peat bogs? The blade pendulums?

Huh. You must be a tough one. So tell me. Why are you here?

For something to read?!

Very well. You’ve come at a good time. Those dungeon-dwellers have churned out wonderful pieces this month. And it only took a month of food and sleep deprivation.

They’ll sleep soundly. They won’t hear so much… screaming now, as a reward.

But being locked up for so long has done strange things to them. The pieces we have here are grim and creepy. Witches and tornadoes, little children lost in a graveyard and immortal men roaming a post-apocalyptic universe… Spooky pieces.

Maybe I’ll let them see sunlight. Maybe not. If the dark helps them write better, I should keep them there.

Well. You have nerves of steel and an unshakeable spine, do you not? Here you go. Peruse the pages, if
you dare. Just keep checking over your shoulder when you read.

Siti Sarah Daud,
Chief Editor

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