Dark Irene

By Eugenia Tan

Dark Irene
Of the gloomiest street
Hands laced with night
Shoes buckled tight
Hair shining white
Not the friendliest sight

Dark Irene
Behind gleaming black gates
Staring at the street
Glare wilting treats
Blinding lightning streaks
Synchronised needle pricks

Dark Irene
Cloaked in fur of ebony
Watching children sing
Phantom telephone rings
Black slithery things
Evil corrupted kings

Dark Irene
Burning on a stake
Chanting evil spells
Curses time will tell
Little ghouls from Hell
Gloom unlocked from cells

Dark Irene
Burnt to a crisp
Villagers cheered
Nothing to be feared
No longer teared
The witch in torment seared

Twelve months later
Hurricane struck
Angry vortex of air
From wind houses tear
Beasts awake from lair
Babies ripped from mothers’ care

Little ghouls run free
Uprooting mighty trees
Mist of gloom enshrouds
Swallowing fearful crowds
Chaos everywhere
Villagers badly fared

Dark Irene
Resting beneath soil
Knowing smile on her face
Dark angel fallen from grace
The villagers better make haste
For Dark Irene yearns for another taste

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