Cemetery of Tales

By Simin Ang

She’s the groundskeeper for the Story Graveyard:
It’s a quiet life;
She’s a quiet woman.

She rakes leaves off the tiny graves of deceased plot bunnies;
Some were never fed,
Some were tossed out –
Some murdered.

She weeds around the tombstones of discarded ideas:
‘Murder in a Mangrove Swamp’
‘Dance of Fire and Water’
‘Lame Jokes at Supper’.

She nods and listens to the whispers of rejected lines haunting the crypts:
‘Chirpy and Moody slowly fell in love with each other’
‘Once in a green moon…’
‘A long, dark time ago,’

She wipes down the plaques hiding ashes of unfinished stories in the columbarium:
‘Hiatus since 2004’
‘Abandoned in 1999’
‘Writer’s block after 2008’.

She clears the flowers once a week,
Dusts the various angel statues,
Sweeps the little paths;
But sometimes she takes a break,
And dreams endings and beginnings,
and sometimes middles.

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