you are what you eat (you know what it is)

By Sher Li

Looking for a young, well-built man aged 18 to 30.¹
allow me to introduce myself:
[He] has been described as a polite, helpful, but introverted man.
i am (i regret to admit):
a connoisseur—of flesh
a carnivore—unrepentant
(hardly unique in this respect)
“What is most disturbing about these people is their banality, their normalness.”
my particular preferences,
my choice of meat, however,
is an acquired taste.
It was, he said, something he had wanted to do for a long time.
can be prepared in many ways,
i have a soft spot for roasting,
others say:
eating it raw is the way to go.
[The victim] offered himself, and insisted he was serious.
and you,
you gave yourself to me:
so blindly
so willingly
so sumptuously
the perfect dish,
wrapped in the human form.
He finished off his victim by stabbing him in the neck.
close your eyes, love—
He defrosted and cooked parts of [the victim] in olive oil and garlic.
“with every piece of flesh i ate
i remembered him.
i always wanted someone to be part of me.” ²
The trial, which is due to last three weeks, continues.

¹ All italicized lines are excerpts from news reports on Armin Meiwes, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2006 for killing and eating another man.
² An actual quote from Meiwes.

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