The Profundity Unattained (20 Minutes in a Taxi)

By Sher Li

Where to, sir?
Yes, I know the place.
So, how’s it going, sir?
Fine? Fine?
No no no nonono
Let me tell you let me tell you let me tell you let me tell you
We’re not fine—far from it:
political problems and social scandals
economic disasters, natural crises—
You see? You see? You see?
You don’t?
Then, I’ll explain—
about what’s really, really, really going on:
It doesn’t just start with us
(Never has, never will)
It starts with—
man and god
good and evil
life, death
everything-ness and nothingness
Turn here?
—that’s what it’s all about
But I’ll make it simple—I’ll simplify it for you
Everything starts with the one
The one man
Not your ancestor, not mine,
not Adam either
(That’s not his name,
Let’s not call him that,
Also better if I don’t)
He was a Man—the first
who made a mistake, sinned
(like any of us would have)
and with his mothersisterlover
(a story for another day)
spreadspread it throughtheblood
and now we can’t help ourselves
not me, notyou,nother,nothim, not them
Oh, we’re here, sir.
That’ll be $24.95.

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