Still Light (Dead Theatre)

By Valerie Champion

Swing Lady Pendulum
Anticipatory senses below–
From above, bright sparks float,
Flickering, flittering,
Never settling.

Invisible circles wheeled. Create, multiply and flow
into tungsten coils; warming, strengthening.
A spark is created.

Beats spring forth and descend, little sparkles
bright with might.
Carried by slow drains of
beginning notes.
Gauze shimmies to surface, flakes of silver vanishing to gold.
A city is born.

Collect the diamond dust rebellions
Before it sets into somber premiere to wait
For the show proper.

I sing the body electric sheep
Waiting for the shadow sisters to come out
and play.
They hunger more for the eerie parade,
Then the sunlight passengers, transient and fallen
to commercial flanks.

Lone bulb in pale dark
Withering to death with dying
The show must go on, go on into
Midnight circus flight fancy.

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