Electronic Waste

By Valerie Champion

Worm of the acid ground,
Sweltering in his wired hovel. Wriggle out to play and see
free life shelter incubation infection.

Eggs lay nest to hounds,
Piling up high above grand high priestess’ dome, sitting atop old
Mold ripe for slime satisfaction.

Fairlight children, undulate from bound
Chains, ripping forth torrents of silent shudders to slip through cracks,
Decks of enmeshed machination mastication.

Adolescent rioting, metallic twining round
Curling bends, the green life spilling away, canvassing black holed delight
Alight the unequal confection contraption.

Grown Spam, Phishing, Scams, sounds
Abandoned and thriving, coming of age in mutated natural: shrivel, kick
Microscopic monsters wriggling, churning


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