all things pass

By Josephine Tan
For Thomas

If, in the waning of Day
you wonder how it is that you have lost,
once again, to the fickleness of Nature
remember that all roses grow up

to become butterflies, and all butterflies leave home.
In the sweetness of parting that colours all longing –
Forget her. Forget the comfort
of burying your head in a woman’s bosom

knowing that you are safe. Forget
first meetings, first kisses, the first
awkward silence that settled in between you
like a blackening petal fallen

from Love. In the departure of hours
all roses die. Even midnight falls upon
Dusk’s old sun. All things pass
when you let them go.

If, in the waxing of Night,
ghastly visions pierce your sight, and
hollowing fear finds its way into your mind,
remember that your head is a moon

that illuminates the dark, and in its fullness,
drives all shadows away. Moonlight shines
upon the gloom of Night. In the grief
of mourning that pervades your being, forget

her. Forget the way you beamed with
love, and how your hands belonged
to hers. All things pass when
you let them go.

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