Re: failure to submit assignment on time

by Lim Yan Sin

dear educator
i apologize for not submitting my assignment on time last night
i am sorry i just lied
i am not apologetic at all
but i know i will come to regret this next time
so i am writing to you now
to explain and justify my ACT OF REBELLION as you probably see it as
(this justification is not for you, it is for my Self)

you see,
since starting my freshman year in university
i realize i have become the conscientious student i have never been
in my past twelve years of academic life
and i was in a depressive mood since last weekend when
i tried to produce my piece of writing for your assignment
and could only think of

and you see,
as all angsty rebellious teenagers are
i gave myself a break from school and
hence was unable to
(in truth, i completely forgot)
to submit my assignment on time
even though you threatened us with
A FAIL GRADE if we failed to follow your INSTRUCTIONS

so yes.
while my true self is not apologetic at all,
i believe i will be extremely sorry for myself
when i finally come to terms that i have no choice but
to submit and become the
COLLEGE STUDENT society expects

give me the fail grade if you wish, i don’t care right now.

yours very most sincerely,
your student

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