Poetic Overflow at McDonald’s

by Balete Candice Lauren Garcia

I’m smiling,
And my brain thinks I’m happy.
All those endorphins
Oozing out involuntarily…
Such calculated movement of facial muscles.

Talk about fake–
I’m so contrived, so plastic,
Mum probably bought me straight from
the Tupperware factory.
Two-for-one offer.

Brother’s still living in the bathroom to this day.

Let’s close our eyes, take a chance;
Hope for no second glance.

Count one-two-three.
Let that anger fade away.
Don’t worry, the sky isn’t grey

Would you have me for who I am?

You’d rather a handsomer man?

Charisma ain’t everything, honey.

This ain’t just for shits and giggles–
That’s for sure.
Please find a

c u r e

for my

If you do, I might give you
Some extra Mclovin’,

Right here at

Forgive me, but I digress.

“Hey there,
How can I help you?”

Photo by Jasvinder

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