Christmas Dinner

by Victoria Chang Kai Ling

A less restrictive arrangement.
Sputter –

Deflate like balloons.

Move in –

Clarify: Footloose

Make room: don’t rearrange

Gaze –
And want nothing.

Dependency, deviation, sentimentality, family –
They all live in a cave.

Saviour rolls into your arms –

Living rooms, turkey mantels,

Vicks –

Bigger plans.
Architect. Playwright. Painter. Sketches.
What do you think?

Oh that Jazz.
Take off your clothes.
Naked, watching –
Rocking slow, rambling.

Restlessness, discontent
Sit on the couch!
Feel suffocated.

Wedding. Relatives.
Losses. Gains.
Protest. Query.
Uncomfortable. Everywhere.
Feel spared.

Naked, hot, irritation.
Christ, what’s wrong?

A neat nest of human bowls,
A tight lil cluster of cheeks and hopes –
It will be all for you.

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