A Fool’s Paradise

by Balete Candice Lauren Garcia

I dream
of happy endings, new
beginnings; rivers of joy
that shower into
forever neverland.

Am I delusional?

My ideal lover
need not be
tall, dark, and handsome;
Two of those three will do.

I am not fickle!

I know not what to expect
from this, from you, from us,
except –

Oh, I love your velvety voice.

Its timbre, tenacious tastiness,
tickles the territories of my mind.

Your dress is awful, but you?

I would, if I could.
I shall?

You are perfect, but
I hate this psychedelic separation,
your haughty inclinations.

I hate you.

You, who could never truly
love me back, who let me
fall flat, like your face.

Star-crossed lovers we are,
fuelling flights of fancy in my head;
but it all comes down to moot.

I wish we were never acquainted,

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