Editor’s Note

In a shrinking world bursting at the seams with people, it seems almost unthinkable that we can feel alone. And yet, it remains a concept that continues to be explored. This month, Epiphany presents a selection of submissions that put a different spin on a well-hashed topic. Forget pity parties and dreary isolation. Solitude is like being the lone gem on a dull band of gold.

Highlights from this month’s selection include two wonderful works of poetry. Static Puppet uses vivid imagery to skillfully paint a picture of a young girl lost in chaos while alive, but calm and transcendent when alone in death.

Eigengrau is a clear and simple poem in which the persona insists on maintaining his own independence, as opposed to copping to the demands and expectations of others. The use of a foreign word in a refrain makes the poem intriguing.

When there are six different ways for someone to be contactable on a smartphone, constant interconnectedness may be stifling. Solitude is a welcomed relief, giving us an opportunity for the deep introspection that engenders remarkable poetry, prose and even great (excuse the pun) epiphanies.

So close Skype. Log out from Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Put your phone on silent and peruse our pages uninterrupted by the outside world. Steal yourself some moments of solitude.

Siti Sarah Daud,
Chief Editor

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